Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hi guys and girls.

In case you don't know, i've migrated to another blogspot address.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ching Tsui Temple, Genting

Had my trip with dear at Genting Highland.
During the back journey, stopped at the Ching Tsui Temple.
It was my first time been to the temple thou.
Took some portrait shot :)

Virtual chess playing =D

Fav pics of the day.

It's you, don't run. I <3>

Our blossom love.

Not to forget my photos too. hahaha..

She's back to Malaysia for a month. Going back soon. =(
Looking forward on the next holiday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inti fool me

Credits to

INTI, are you playing with me now?
Once you'd drag me from heaven to hell, and now you pulling me up to heaven again.
Will i drop to the hell again after this? The feeling is very miserable.

Let's hope, everything is gonna be alright.
Pray and pray, sincerely.
No more fooling please.
FOEAT, Bradford. :*(

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sushi King, Muar

On 29th May, i was asked by Wee Harn and Ben for lunch.
At first wanted to have Teppanyaki, but ended up wit Sushi King.
Teppanyaki's appearance is not that nice as i thought.

Still not that bad huh, Muar first Sushi King wtf.

The green tea that we've ordered.

Some random sushi that i've eaten.

Chicken Miso Curry Don that Wee Harn ordered.

This is Wee Harn. My ex-roomate aka hometown buddy aka friends!

This is Ben.

and this is me, fucking gay i feel at this photo.
Why am i look like that T_T

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rockstar City Karaoke

On the night of 27th May, me and my friends went for sing k session.
This is a brand new and finally a 'healthy' karaoke at my hometown, Muar.
It is located nearby the traffic light of Pesta, Jln Bakri. The new shop lots.

This is the front view of the karaoke.
From the grand opening until now the car is always full until now.

The registration to be made before u go in.
Interior is still not bad man, for muar. haha.

The room we took is located at upstairs.

Room 22. It's surrounded by concrete wall without any sound proof equipment.
and hence, the sound proof was quite under average. We could barely hear the bass of songs beside our room. These retards played clubbing song in the K room. Wonder they know how to rap the english songs? Or maybe just treat it as cheap club? :P

There's only an average size LCD located in front.
Anyway, the room is still okay. Everything new. Can't blame much tho.

This is the control panel under the LCD.

and we can choose the songs by using the touch screen provided.
It's kind of impressive. Not a bad one in Muar.
But, the songs aren't enough and not new enough as what we thought.

Each of us get 2 beverage for free, and the coupon valid for one month.
Drink was okay for my Green Tea, but my friends claimed that the orange juice had no taste. :P

We paid RM23 for 3 hours.

The details:
Rockstar City Karaoke
10,12,14, Jln Arosa,
Taman Perniagaan Arosa,
Jalan Bakri, 84000 Muar, Johor.

Tel: 06-9522277

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Industry Disgrace

On tuesday afternoon, my dad gave me a call.
'U bought anything online again?' and i said no.
'It's a camera stripes!' and now oh ya!
Now i realized maybe is my dear kassie postage parcel to me.

My first ever Crumpler stuff, the industry disgrace.
Back home on thursday afternoon and quickly have a look inside the parcel.

Here's what i've, the camera stipes!
Which i wanted to buy so long ady. 40aud, a good buy?

The real suprise is inside came along with a card.
With a 'kassie-lookalike' dolls on it..haha!

and some handwriting inside, from my darling kassie.
Thanks you for the stripes dear! :D
Will pay you back the money when u back. woot!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My new ride

Today is Wesak day, means it's gonna be a back-home weekend i assume?
Are you back to your hometown too? So do I, back to Muar around 1.30pm.

Today gonna talk about my new ride.
As mentioned in my previous post, my parents recently bought me a new ride.
which is Toyota Vios TRD. Love it so much!
Here's some photos about it.

The toyota logo at the front, and have you notice the facelift different with previous model?
It's chrome now.

The front part, TRD comes with skirting, sportlight and etc.
Not to forget the signal indicator at the side mirror there.

Love this red font, it's cool for me. :D

Anyway, thats a little update from me today.
Still can't believe that i've actually changed a new car.
It's just like in dream, seriously. haha..

Cool! love my parents <3